With MeContacts you can create quick dial links to your favourite contacts by arranging their photos in a grid arrangment.


Includes a widget for dialing your most recently called contacts.

Contacts without photos can also be added to your grid with some text and a custom background.

You can create as many grids as you want for friends, family, work etc. You can also send an SMS or e-mail your contacts from the contact menu.


How do I make my Android dialer the default dialer again?

When you press the call button on your phone, you have an option to launch the Android dialer app or MeContacts. If you've set MeContacts to be the default dialer app and would like to undo your choice then you can clear this setting by going to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> MeContacts and then selecting 'Clear defaults'.

How do I make MeContacts my default dialer again?

You first have to clear the settings from the default dialer by going to Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Look for the program you've set as a default dialer (e.g. Dialer or Contacts or some other 3rd party app) and then select 'Clear defaults'. The next time you try to dial you will be asked to set a default dialer again.

MeContacts doesn't work on my phone! What can I do?

If you've just installed MeContacts and it crashes a lot or simply doesn't start then there may be some incompatibilities with your phone. The best way to resolve this, is to email me a log of you phone right after MeContacts crashes. You can do this by installing the Log Collector (search for "Log Collector" in the market).

Known problems

I can't sync my photos with Facebook?

On some phones which feature built-in facebook integration, the facebook contact data is not visible to any applications except a handful of built-in apps like Contacts. Installing a seperate app which syncs your android contact photos with your facebook photos may solve the problem.

I can't see my photo when calling.

On some phones, the dialer does not display the contact photo when calling. Try enabling the 'Call using phone no.' option from the advanced preferences.

The settings for my home-screen widgets are lost when restarting my phone.

On some phones (e.g. phones with HTC's Sense user-interface) a new id is assigned to widgets when the phone is restarted. As a result all settings associated with your widget are lost or assigned to a difference widget. This ia a known problem not related to the MeContacts app. An option to fix such widgets is available in the advanced operations page of the preferences.